Our Lakes

Clearwater Lakes gives you top carp angling on two French lakes with a total of 14 acres to fish.


Clearwater Lakes has two mature spring-fed lakes featuring tree-lined margins, lily pads and depths from 5 to 12 feet. Spring Lake (10 acres) is stocked with fish up to the high 50lbs. Mill Lake (4 acres) is ideal for beginners being stocked with carp from low doubles to mid 30s and a variety of coarse fish.


Spring Lake

Spring Lake is our showpiece 10 acre lake featuring 10 swims. Located in a natural woodland setting our swims are both Rugged and tidy with swims 6,7 and 8 towards the western end of the lake set in a quiet forested area and are ideally suited for peace and tranquillity. You are more likely to encounter our local wildlife population rather than people on these swims.

Spring Lake is stocked with approx 350 fish, most of which are Carp of all varieties including Mirrors, Leather, Linear, Commons and Grass together with a few Catfish, Pike, Perch and Roach.

Our Carp weigh anything between High Teens to well over 45lbs with a few of them coming in at over 50lbs, it has also been reported we have one very large Common expected to be in the 50lb bracket.

The Lake record being 57lb with 53 and 52lbs also being landed. Our Catch reports for Spring Lake show catches of 40+ fish for a weeks angling is not uncommon.

  • Showpiece 10 acre lake
  • 10 Swims
  • Natural woodland environment
  • Tranquil setting
  • Lake record 57lb
  • Stocked with approx 500 fish


Mill Lake

Mill Lake is our 4 Acre Nursery lake stocked with approx 250 fish, once again mostly Carp of all varieties including a couple of very rare 'Wild Carp' almost Black in colour and with a beautiful slender body shape. There are also a lot of Beautiful Tench in Mill Lake that give the lake a great balance.

Sizes of Carp range from 8-30lbs meaning this lake is ideally suited for the inexperienced and Disabled Anglers.

Clearwater Lakes Promote and encourage Disabled Anglers and to this end from 2016 swim 2 will be fitted with an optional portable shelter for use by the Disabled in the event of inclement weather.

Please note, Night fishing is not allowed on Mill Lake by French law.

  • 4 Acre Nursery lake
  • 3 Swims
  • Stocked with approx 350 fish
  • Sizes of Carp range from 8-30lbs
  • Ideally suited for the inexperienced and Disabled Anglers
  • Night fishing is not allowed



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