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Bait and Bait Boats

Quality house bait always available onsite

You know you're onto a winner with our carefully chosen house bait. We use The Euphoria — designed for maximum attraction, palatability and digestion. This balanced blend of pre-digested fishmeals, birdfoods, quality milk products, kelp and Betaine sounds unappetising to us humans but it's nectar for Carp.

This season at Clearwater Lakes we have introduced a new bait range of Boilies and Pellets. Boilies are available in Fruity Crab Eggshell, LT 94 Mega Maple & Bannana Twist flavours. Pellets are available in Carp Corse, Betain Pellet & Blood Worm. Chosen specifically to target our carp and always available there's no need to worry about keeping your bait fresh on the journey and you'll spend more time fishing rather than traipsing to the bait shop.


Save your time Pre-order your bait.
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Our bait boats are the new Waverunner Shuttle bait boat from Waverunner

Desinged with one long centrally located magnetic hopper ideal for perfeact rig presentation at ranges of up to 400m, along with the capability of carrying up to 1kg of bait. Catamaran hull designed for ultimate stability with its long, rig friendly electromagnetic hopper. Batter lif on the Waverunner Shuttle has a 1.5 hour running time with a low battery warning on the handset.



Book your bait boat in advance

to hire a Waverunner Shuttle bait boat from Clearwater Lakes costs just £10 per day or £65 per week with a refundable cast depositof £100 payable an arrival. We strongly recommend bookin in advance due to the limited numbers available.

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